Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Maps Revealed

Won’t You Take Me Down, to Nuketown?

During a livestream today, Treyarch announced that five fan-favourite maps will be coming to Black Ops 4, as well as a handful of new maps for everyone’s favorite military shooter’s multiplayer.

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Summit, Jungle, and Firing Range are all making a comeback from Black Ops 1, along with Slums from Black Ops 2. And of course, it wouldn’t be Black Ops without Nuketown, now would it? Co-Studio Head Dan Bunting said “We are bringing Nuketown back for our fans. It’s a map that we’ve reimagined every game. We’re kinda going back to the cold war roots a little bit, but with a twist.” Nuketown will apparently be released shortly after launch, but all the aforementioned maps will be right there on the disc/downloadable file.

The new maps announced include a listening station named Frequency, designed to keep the action fast-paced and players on the move, and will apparently be one of the smaller maps included in the game. It’ll also support the new Control game type. Other new maps include Seaside, a coastal old-town in Spain with a large courtyard and sniper perches. Payload, a mountainous missile defense base with a mixture of open and tight areas, and Contraband, a tropical smuggler haven.

All of these maps will be playable at Activision’s booth at E3 next week.

Are you excited about the returning maps, or the new ones? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to check out our other coverage on Black Ops 4 including the new Zombies, and a look at the new weapons and perks!