Vampyr’s Day One Update Is Going To Be 7 Gigs

You Might Have To Wait A Bit Before Sinking Your Teeth Into Vampyr

(6/2/2018) Author’s note: The day one update appears to only be 7.3 GB for the PS4 version of Vampyr.

According to a thread on the Vampyr subreddit, the game’s “day one” update is going to be 7.3 gigabytes. Also, according to another thread on the subreddit, the game requires at least 15 gigabytes of space in order to be playable while a full install is 21 gigabytes.


Vampyr is an action-RPG about an English doctor named Jonathan Reid who becomes a vampire after returning home to England from World War One. There’ll be sidequests to complete along with a main quest that’s expected to take 15-20 hours to complete so its relatively compact size (since it has an install size of only 21 gigabytes) doesn’t come as surprise.

If you’re curious about the game then we’ve recently posted an article about a ton of gameplay that was shown during a stream that was hosted by the game’s developers at Dontnod Entertainment. We’ve also wrote an article a little while ago about the game’s one save system and why Dontnod implemented it in the first place.

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Vampyr is scheduled to come out on June 5th for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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