Twitch Launches Beta Version of Bounty Board System

Collect Rewards For Sponsored Streams

For some time, Twitch has been a haven for streamers and content creators looking to make money in a more direct fashion than at a place like YouTube. Connecting directly with your audience and their donations meant that people had access to a more reliable revenue stream. Now, using the Bounty Board system, Twitch streamers can connect directly with sponsors as well.

Twitch Bounty Board

The Bounty Board program, currently in Beta, allows streamers easier access to sponsorship opportunities. As long as you’re a Twitch Partner in the US, all you have to do is activate whichever bounty you’re interested in and meet the requirements in order to collect your payment. The system lets Twitch handle “the relationship with the brand” as well as things like payment and sponsorship opportunities. All you have to do is focus on streaming and maintaining your viewer count.

There are some other caveats, namely that you can’t actively disparage the brand in question. On top of that, your viewer count has to stay consistent throughout the entire required streaming period. So far, it looks like an hour is the usual time required. Essentially, if you’ve earned your Twitch Partner status, you can earn upwards of $100 an hour for streaming certain games. Depending on how this system evolves, this could really help make streaming into a more viable revenue source for certain streamers.