Comedian Trevor Noah Confirms Battlefield 5, Seriously

Game Reveals Will Never Be The Same

Comedian and Daily Show host Trevor Noah took to twitter today to confirm that he will be hosting a “Battlefield Live Reveal” next Wednesday, May 23rd.

In his announcement, Trevor Noah doesn’t refer to the title as Battlefield 5 specifically, but refers to the whole thing as “V EXCITING” and flashes a mug with an enormous, neon-looking V at the end of an accompanying video. Shortly after that went up, the official Battlefield twitter account posted this:

The news comes a week after a Battlefield 1 Easter egg was discovered teasing the date via morse code by way of literal water dripping from a pipe, spelling out “Never Be The Same”. Pretty clever, if you ask me. Said Easter egg has also stirred up some controversy on account of a dirt-smeared painting of a horse and the ghoulish wailing that enticed players into discovering the leak. This has lead some fans to speculate that the next Battlefield will try to bite on Call of Duty‘s zombie game type, alongside rumors that the series will be moving to World War 2. On top of that, many are expecting DICE to include a Battle Royale mode, due to the genre’s influx in popularity.

The Dang Battlefield Horse

Now that Battlefield V is officially announced and we’re one week away from the official reveal, what would you like to see in the new franchise entry? Do you want DICE to mix it up, or stick to the formula that’s worked for so long? Let us know in the comments! Check out some of our other exciting leaks as well, including Fortnite for Switch, and No Man’s Sky for Xbox’s cover art!

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