Sony Reveals They’re Breaking from Tradition for Their E3 2018 Showcase

Sony Announces Their E3 2018 Showcase

Sony has just announced what their E3 showcase will look like, and it appears they’re breaking from tradition. Instead of the traditional press conference, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America Shawn Layden, says PlayStation will be highlighting four of their huge upcoming titles the day before E3 starts, on June 11th at 6 PM PST.

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During the most recent episode of the PlayStation Blogcast, Shawn Layden hinted stated that this years E3 showcase will be different from previous years. Layden explained, “The last two or three years, to the careful observer, you’ll see that we continue to try to refresh and remake and reignite what we do at the what used to be called a press conference for E3. We want to make sure that it’s fresh and reflects the kind of stories we’re telling and the new entertainment we have to give to our fans, not just at the event, but worldwide with … streaming.” This year’s E3 media event will be broadcast on Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook.

At this point it’s not even clear if the press conference will take place onstage as Layden mentioned, “We’re taking kind of a different angle on how we’re bringing it out.”  What is clear however is that PlayStation will “feature exclusive looks and deep dives” on four huge titles: Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Spider-Man, and The Last of Us: Part II. And while there will be third-party announcements, Layden confirms they won’t take place on a Sony stage. He did write this on the latest Playstation blog though, “Of course, we’ll have stellar announcements from third-party publishers and independent developers, who are all busy devising innovative new experiences that will make your heart race and your emotions soar — whether you’re playing on PS4, PS4 Pro, or PS VR.” Additionally he stated that there will be no hardware announcements during the show, so unfortunately that means no details or big reveals of the PlayStation 5!

Death Stranding

Are you excited for the deep dive into four of the most anticipated upcoming PlayStation titles this E3 or are you disappointed you won’t get to see more from the Sony stage? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!