Shaq Fu Physical Edition Getting Free DLC

Will Be Whatever ‘Bonus Fu’ Could Possibly Entail

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn, gaming’s most improbable sequel, is also getting a physical release when it drops this June. In order to entice players into picking up a retail copy of the game, Saber Interactive is including some ‘Bonus Fu’ DLC.

Sadly, I’ve no idea what ‘Bonus Fu’ could possibly be, although it is described as enough to “raise a few eyebrows on launch day.” This leaves me hopeful that Shaq will fight a secret final boss after the credits roll. Perhaps a giant, mechanized version of Putin or Trump or Rupert Murdoch or Michael Jordan. Or all of those things at once, like a hydra with four to seven unrelated heads.

A Legend Reborn is coming to the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One on June 5th, 2018. If you have fond memories of the original Shaq Fu, this will likely be a heartwarming reunion. If not, this is still an opportunity to see Shaq beat the stuffing out of a whole mess of cartoonish Hollywood monstrosities. I’ve taken the liberty of embedding the release date trailer below, for a quick recap on what sort of kung-fu madness awaits us all on June 5th.

SOURCE: Press Release