id Software: Rage 2 Will Be ‘Games as a Service’ Without Loot Boxes

Rage 2 Will Crank out New Content and Surprises Over Time

Tim Willits, co-owner of id Software, delivered some new details about the developer’s next project. Rage 2, developed in collaboration with Avalanche Studios, will not feature loot boxes. As a matter of fact, the dev joked that players will be able to buy the game once and then play it. Which, as you can imagine, is preposterous. But, the dev had more to say.

In a recent interview with German website Gamestar, Willits revealed that Rage 2 is a true collaboration project. The folk over at id Software are bringing their first-person shooter expertise, while the Avalanche team is helming the open world. Thus, we have a match made in Heaven (or Hell) working to bring us the ultimate shooter experience. Together, the devs are cooking up some surprises Willits said won’t be revealed until a later date.

Rage 2 will have plenty of weapons to discover, plenty of vehicles to roam around in and plenty of mayhem. Just as well, there will be a dynamic landscape filled with enemies from different factions. The collaboration between Avalanche and id Software has, apparently, resulted in something new for the genre. As the studio puts it, “It’s more than a shooter, more than an open world game – it’s a shooterverse.

According to Willits, Rage 2 is being developed to last. For this particular project, Bethesda’s studios are taking the Games as a Service approach, which means we can expect content to roll out over time, following the initial launch. The game is set for launch during Spring 2019. You can expect many, many updates until then and beyond.

SOURCE: Wccftech