Puma’s Sonic Sneakers Available This June

Those Eggman Kicks Look Amazing

After being unveiled a short while ago, we now have a release date and some more photos of Puma’s upcoming Sonic sneakers. It’s so soon! Both versions of these super-speedy shoes will be available on June 5th, in either Sonic Blue or Eggman Red.

Sonic Sneakers Puma

I’m allergic to sports and all sport-centric activities, but I would still wear the heck out of both of these shoes. Although really, those Eggman reds are fantastic. Like, you’ve got a set of super-jump cyborg feet on. Not that there’s anything wrong with the fuzzy blue of the Sonic shoes.

Curious collectors will be able to snag these shoes at Puma’s website, their physical stores and certain sneaker retailers when they’re released on June 5th, 2018. Retail price is set at $130 USD, which is… cheap, I think? I have no idea what modern collectible sneakers cost. I’ve heard many stories of rare and legendary shoes costing as much as a person’s monthly rent, crazy long lines and other such madness. Clearly I don’t buy enough shoes.

SOURCE: Press Release