Pokemon GO Adventure Week Kicks Off Today

Hafta Catch Some of Them!

Niantic has announced that the next Adventure Week for mobile AR hit Pokemon GO starts today (May 24th) at 1pm PDT/4pm EDT, and ends on June 5th.

Pokemon GO Adventure Week

This week’s event focuses on Rock-type Pokemon and will see increased spawns, potential for shinies, and field research quests all related to that type. Players will also receive 10x bonus XP for spinning new Pokestops and Gyms and a smaller bonus for familiar spots. Buddy Pokemon will pick up candies 4x faster,  and multiple rock-types will be appearing as raid bosses including the returning Aerodactyl.

This event will coincide with the recently announced Community Day event, featuring Larvitar as the star Pocket Monster, which evolves into Pupitar, and then Tyranitar. Larvitars evolved into Tyranitars on that community day will learn the exclusive, powerful Smack Down move.

Some monsters to keep an eye out for include everyone’s favorite fossilized first gens Omanyte and Kabuto, as well as their evolutions. Second gen lovelies Magcargo and Corsola, and the recently added third gen Lunatone and Solrock.

Are you excited for the new Adventure Week and Community Day? What are you gonna be hunting specifically? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to check out our coverage on the new Pokemon Switch rumors set to be announced within the next week, and these recently revealed unused first gen creatures!

SOURCE: Pokemon GO Newsletter, Supplementary Info Courtesy of Pokemon GO Hub