Okami HD Hits the Nintendo Switch in August

The Mystical Cel-Shaded Adventure Will Soon Be Portable

The Switch version of Okami HD has finally got a release date: August 9th. The official Twitter account announced the launch date on Wednesday. It’s going to be available for pre-order on the eShop and will be a digital download.

In Okami HD, players take control of the Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu, who takes the form of a white wolf and travels around the land of Nippon (Japan). Amaterasu has to defeat an evil demon named Orochi, who is responsible for wreaking havoc in Nippon. However, she’ll meet a unique and memorable cast of characters on her quest such as a talking bug, various other gods and more.

Okami HD

She’ll also have use of a tool called the “Celestial Brush”, which is a giant paintbrush that can create items that will allow her to fight enemies and solve puzzles.

Here are some features that come with the Switch version of Okami HD:

  • Touchscreen Painting – Create brushstrokes directly on the touchscreen in Handheld mode
  • Motion-Control Painting – Paint with the Joy-Con™ controller’s motion controls in TV or Tabletop mode by moving it in the desired pattern, just like a paintbrush

If you’re not a Switch owner but are still interested in getting Okami HD then you can read our review of it here.

Okami HD is also available for the PC, Xbox One and PS4.