No Virtual Console For Nintendo Switch

Damn You, Nintendo

According to a confirmation from Nintendo sent to Kotaku, the Nintendo Switch won’t be getting the Virtual Console system when their Online Service launches this fall. In fact, it’s probably never coming? Which isn’t great news, given the relentless clamoring for such a service. So what gives, Nintendo?

Nintendo Virtual Console

Well, the official word is that Nintendo has “no plans to bring classic games together under the Virtual Console banner as has been done on other Nintendo systems.” This could mean one of two things. Either Nintendo is never doing classic games like that again, or that particular unified banner has been retired forever. There’s already plenty of evidence that other companies will be picking up the slack. SNK and Sega have been very vocal about their efforts to bring classic games to the Switch.

But what about the SNES? The Game Boy? The everloving GameCube? This feels like either a grievous oversight on Nintendo’s part, or another frustrating long play that will eventually result in us getting what we want in five years. Make no mistake, Nintendo. Classic games on a modern system is what we want. The continuous success of the PSN and Xbox’s backwards compatibility systems is a testament to this. Maybe Nintendo is like, allergic to massive profits? Only time will tell.