No Man’s Sky Xbox Cover Leaks, Teases True Multiplayer

Fool Me Once…

Twitter user @PeacefulGamer somehow came across No Man’s Sky’s cover art for the upcoming Xbox re-release, which was set to be revealed later this month.

No Mans Sky Xbox

The first thing worth noting is the inclusion of multiple astronauts. Naturally, the assumption is this indicates Hello Games is finally implementing their long promised and sought after true multiplayer, which it notoriously lacked when it launched on the Playstation 4 and PC back in 2016. Another detail lending credence to this is the multiple spaceships flying together in the top right, above the crystal. It’s also worth noting that past iterations of the game featured only one astronaut on the cover, and certain limited edition boxes were using stickers to cover up the promise of online capabilities.

The Xbox One version of the game is set to launch alongside the NEXT update, which Hello Games is promising as their “biggest update so far.”

The next episode of Inside Xbox is set to drop this Thursday, May 17th, and will cover some “new details about the Xbox One version of No Man’s Sky.” I’m just spit-balling, but count on seeing this “revealed” alongside a release date in that episode.

Did you play No Man’s Sky when it first launched? Would you return to its world for full blown multiplayer? Are you willing to give it a first chance despite the controversy? Let us know in the comments below! Personally, I’d be happy to give the game a second shot, provided these are improvements work as well as fans of the game say they have, and the impending multiplayer, whenever it drops, works too. If you’re thirsty for some more leaks, check out our info on these new Nintendo trademarks, or this accessibility focused Xbox One controller!

SOURCE: TwitterNo Man’s Sky Official Upload