Netflix’s ‘Witcher’ Showrunner Tries to Quell Racial Fears About Show

Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of the critically-acclaimed RPG series “The Witcher,” which is planned for eight episodes, is under scrutiny from some fans who have a problem with a recent picture that showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich posted of a diverse writer’s room.

Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Screen 04

A bit of backstory: “The Witcher” is a Polish video game about a monster hunter, also referred to as a “witcher,” named Geralt. The series is so loved by Poland that the country’s former prime minster, Donald Tusk, once gifted a copy of the second game in the series to Barack Obama.

But in 2015, culture critic Tauria Moosa wrote an article that discussed to game’s racial issues, pointing out that in “The Witcher 3,” “all humans are white and every other being is non-human,” continuing to say it’s “not exactly friendly or inclusive of people of color. A game can include a diverse variety of monsters, but not a diverse variety of skin colors or races for humans?”

Now, Hissrich’s recent tweet that showed a diverse writer’s room with people of many cultures has reignited the discussion.

One person asked Hissrich if she “would deviate from the books’ races and cultures to include minorities?” Basically, people are implying that the team is going to go against the game’s established culture in order to seem “diverse.”

Hissrich responded to these concerns through numerous tweets, assuring fans that it’s not her mission to ruin “The Witcher.”

Here are a select few:

She ended with a final tweet describing her thoughts on the writing process.

“For me, a script is a living, breathing thing. I’m not God. I don’t determine All Things. TV doesn’t have space for ego or assholes, because without all the people doing their jobs, it collapses. We all own it. Together.”