Indie Darling To The Moon to Receive Animated Feature Film

“You Want the Moon? Just Say The Word…”

Beloved indie title To The Moon is receiving a full length feature film adaptation, developer Freebird Games announced today.

To the Moon

Original game director, writer, and composer Kan Gao explained in a video update today that the film has been in production for the past two years with “first tier Japanese animation production companies” on board. Apparently, the budget is higher than that 2016 hit “Your Name,” and is being funded by the same company that brought that film to China, Ultron Event Horizon. Kan Gao himself will play an integral role in the script editing and advising process, and says in the reveal video that the team will “try our best to keep the original soul of the game intact,” but notes the importance of the film “having a mind of its own.” More details on the films production will allegedly be revealed “soon.”

Gao goes on to explain that he and the rest of Freebird Games have begun development on their next title which will allegedly “get pretty weird from here on.”

To the Moon originally launched in 2011 to critical acclaim and quickly secured its status as a cult hit in the indie gaming community. Its follow up, Finding Paradise, dropped just this past December. A spin-off “minisode,” A Bird Story, released between the two in 2014 to mixed reviews.

What do you guys think? Will To The Moon make a for good film, or should its story be played through instead of watched passively? Will it be worthy of breaking the video game to movie curse? Let us know in the comments! While you wait for more details, check out what Devolver has in store for their upcoming E3 press conference, and what we learned from the most recent Kingdom Hearts gameplay reveal!