Microsoft Exploring F2P Racing With Miami Street

Coming To Just, All The Windows 10 Machines

Developer Electric Square has announced they’re working with Microsoft Studios to bring us Miami Street, a free to play racing game. Rather than a super-powered simulation in the vein of the Forza series, this looks like more of a casual pick-up-and-play type experience. Great news if you suck at intense racing games, as I do.

Miami Street

The announcement was posted on the official Miami Street Facebook page earlier this week. According to the page, the game is ”¬†purpose-built to be played anytime, anywhere, and to delight anyone who loves cars.” There’s already an official listing for the game on Microsoft’s site here.

As a matter of fact, Miami Street is already out for testing in certain parts of the world. I checked the link myself and got stonewalled, but there’s a halfway decent chance you could be in one of the regions where testing is already taking place. Yes it’s a free to play title, but the game could still be amazing fun if said F2P elements are handled correctly. Hopefully we’ll get more information on a full launch for the game soon.