Koei Tecmo Interested in Making Mario, Star Wars Games

Warp Pipes and Warriors

In a January interview with Kotaku, Koei Tecmo president Hisashi Koinuma expressed interest in bringing Star Wars, and everyone’s favorite plumber, Mario, to the Warriors series.

e3 2017 Star Wars: Battlefront 2 feature

In the interview, Koinuma states that he’s been vouching for a Star Wars addition to the Warriors series for quite a while, as he believes it would be “a really good fit,” for both franchises. He’s also open to adopting the franchise to other gameplay styles, claiming that “as long as it is fun and enjoyable, that is the most important thing.” Bless this man. Citing complications due to EA and Disney’s 2013 deal securing exclusive rights to Star Wars games for the mega-publisher, Koinuma tries to stay optimistic, saying “If users demand or desire to have a game like that, I think that would be great.”

He goes on to express jubilant interest in working on a Mario game, regardless of whether or not it’s related to the Warriors series. “He’s a character I’ve been playing with ever since I was a kid,” Koinuma says. “If I could do something with him, I’d be really happy.”

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

The interview closes with some of Koinuma’s views on collaborating with other major players in the industry, which reflect the company president’s positive attitude towards their competitors and willingness to partner up, which is great to see in such a competitive industry. You can read the full interview here.

With such a rich roster of enemies to bludgeon across both franchises, it’s not hard to see how either of them could fit so easily into the Warriors template. It’s a formula Koei Tecmo is untouchable experts in, and Hyrule Warriors has been released three times now, selling like hotcakes every single time.

What franchises would you like to see Koei Tecmo get their hands on? And would you like to see these games as part of the Warriors series, or be their own beast? I would love to see a Warriors Star Wars title, perhaps they could call it “Star Warriors.” Let us know in the comments! While you’re here, why not check out our review for Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition? Or these suspicious Nintendo trademark leaks?

SOURCE: Kotaku