GameStop Leaks 15 Unannounced Switch Games

Switch Your Expectations

Yesterday afternoon, a GameStop employee, known only as Satomi_Famicom on Twitter, posted a photo of their recently updated inventory, which shows 15 separate slots saved for unannounced Nintendo Switch games.

Shortly afterwards, a full list of upcoming Switch game SKUs were also uploaded to a post highlighting the tweet on Resetera.

Gamestop Switch inventory list

Naturally, the Nintendo fanbase has been swept into a flurry of excitement and speculation. Some are safely assuming that two of the 15 slots are saved for Metroid Prime 4 and Bayonetta 3, as they don’t appear with the rest of the titled SKUs. That still leaves 14 unknown titles, and some of the most popular guesses so far include the new Switch-exclusive Pokemon title or a new Fire Emblem. Also, there’s a chance some of these could be ports as Nintendo continues to transition many of their exclusive titles from the Wii U to the Switch, with Super Mario Maker being a go-to theory.

But enough about them, what do YOU think these games could be? Better yet, what do you WANT them to be? Sound off in the comments below! While we sit tight for E3, catch up on Devolver Digital’s new SNES game launching this Fall, and why GameStop’s CEO abruptly left his postion after three months with the company.

SOURCE: Resetera