‘Dodge Bullets, While Bathing in a Hot Spring’: SuperHot Heads to Japan

‘SuperHot JP’ Is Meant to Be an Alternate Take on the 2016 FPS

A spin-off game for 2016’s SuperHot, an FPS about solving puzzles with both firearms and a cool slow-mo ability, has been recently announced and it’s going to take place in Japan.


Titled (for the time being) “SuperHot JP“, the game is set in the same universe and is meant to be “an alternate story campaign with a bunch of new levels and some cool new gameplay” but not a sequel. Notably, the game doesn’t have a specific price but its developers at GameTomo assured that it’ll be “priced very reasonably.”

It’s also not a VR game for the moment, explained GameTomo.

There’s going to be 15-18 levels (along with 3-4 “endless” levels), some new weapons such as a bow & arrow and there’ll also be the same game modes found in the original game.

If you’re worried about how the gameplay will be changed then don’t be, according to GameTomo: “The game is close to the original SUPERHOT but there are new weapons, see through shoji screens, and some other surprises.” GameTomo also mentioned that they’re developing the spin-off with the help of the original game’s developers.

SuperHot JP is currently planned to be released for the PC & PS4. It’ll be released in Japan first and then possibly worldwide at a later date.