Cult Classic Killer7 Coming to Steam This Fall

Killer7 Will Be Coming to Steam Thirteen Years After Its Debut Release on the Gamecube and PlayStation 2

Suda 51’s cult classic Killer7 will be coming to steam┬áthis fall after a surprise announcement at MomoCon yesterday by Grasshoper Manufacture.


Killer7 was originally released for the Gamecube and PlayStation 2 back in 2005, and was met with a great reception, as well as some controversy surrounding the way Killer7 depicts sex and violence.

The trailer shows us a brief introduction to the world and characters of Killer7, which includes a man in a lucha libre mask headbutting a bullet midair. Check it out here:

The description from the Steam page reads:

“Dive into a dark world of underground assassins in a tale of revenge as Harman Smith, a man who manifests 7 deadly personalities into the real world, known as the killer7. Take control of this distinct murderers’ row as they hunt down the sinister Kun Lan, to stop his plan of world dominance, and end his organization of deadly suicide bombers known as ‘Heaven Smile’.

  • Multiple Personalities – Take control of Harman’s distinct 7 personalities, each with their own appearance, personality, weapon of choice and special ability.
  • A Sinister Foe – Face off against the “Heaven Smile” organization in a unique combination of first and third-person shooting mechanics.
  • Killer Moves – Utilize the full host of killer7’s special abilities to reveal secrets and solve puzzles.
  • Your Pick – Switch between personalities at will to best tackle every encounter.
  • A Dark Path Awaits – Follow a deeply engaging storyline brought to you by one of the highly acclaimed creators of all time, SUDA51.
  • A New Look – Optimized for PC, now experience the cult classic like it never has before!
  • A Killer Style – A timeless visual style that wowed audiences from its first reveal, perfectly ported to modern machines.

“killer7 chronicles the connection between two men whose intertwined path develop into a compelling tale of revenge and altering personas, propelling players into the consciousness of one man, Harman Smith and his seven different personalities.

“Your goal: stop Heaven Smile, a group responsible for a wave of indiscriminate violence that is plaguing the world. Unique characters, complex story, and dark imagery presented with striking cel-shaded graphics are all the essential ingredients for this classic title.”

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