Nuketown Probably Coming Back To Black Ops 4

Maybe? Almost Certainly. Definitely.

Nuketown has been a major staple in Call of Duty games since the map’s first appearance back in 2010. Ever since, said map has resonated with players, enough that it keeps returning to successive installments. Recently, David Vonderhaar made a reference to the famous map on Twitter, suggesting its return in Black Ops 4.

black ops 3 nuketown

To be fair, this wasn’t a complete confirmation. Vonderhaar was merely responding to another Treyarch developer, asking if he remembered “that time you made Nuketown.” Again, this isn’t a confirmation. But, how likely is it that the next Call of Duty game won’t feature the map in question? Those idyllic, close-quarters streets are so iconic, after all.

Assuming this cryptic reference on Vonderhaar’s part is being interpreted correctly, what sort of Nuketown will we be getting? This will be the fourth time we’re seeing it, will this be an eerily similar reproduction of an old favorite? Or will the developers change things up, maybe give us a Nuketown with which we’re not so familiar? Either way, we’ll know a bit more as we creep closer to Black Ops 4’s release date on October 12th, 2018.