Blizzard Addresses the Possibility of Nintendo Switch Port and a Sequel for Overwatch

Blizzard Talks About the Future of Overwatch

To celebrate the games second anniversary, Blizzard answered some burning questions about their hugely popular title Overwatch in an interview with Gamestop earlier today. Considering just how much of a success the game has been, naturally many are wondering what the future holds for Overwatch.

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From discussing the potential of Overwatch 2 to the possibility of a Nintendo Switch and Mobile port of the game, Blizzard’s Assistant Game Director Aaron Keller and Senior Game Producer Matthew Hawley dived deep into the future of Overwatch. As the Nintendo Switch continues to make its way into people’s hearts and homes worldwide, the question about whether we’ll get to see the personality of Overwatch make its way to the console crops up a lot. So what does Blizzard think about porting the game, making it accessible to even more people? Hawley said, “I think it is one of those things that we constantly evaluate. Where technology is going; where the industry is going. There are challenges in running on the platforms that we’re not already on, otherwise we would probably already be on some of those other platforms. We’ll see where things go. Certainly, there is a huge number of people out there who have Nintendo Switch and mobile phones, but right now, the core development team is focused on supporting the live game.” Though the idea hasn’t been ruled out, it doesn’t look like Blizzard is concerned with making this happen anytime soon.

So what about a sequel? Aaron Keller had this to say when asked about this possibility: “Running a live service game takes a lot of work and I hope the community knows we have been committed to continually improving the game and creating content. What people might not realise is the team now is significantly bigger than what it was when we shipped the game, and we have put all of that into working on the live game and the new maps, heroes, and events like Anniversary. At least for the time being, [supporting Overwatch] is our focus right now, and we’re excited to work on this game.”

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The main takeaway from this interview is that there is still a lot of longevity left in Overwatch, with a ton of game left for Blizzard to explore and expand on. As such, the company is committed to the game and not quite ready to move on. We can’t really blame them though, can we? After all, it is pretty stellar.

You can check out the full Q&A here. What do you think about what Blizzard had to say? Are you excited for the content to come for Overwatch or are you bummed you won’t see a sequel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and keep it locked for updates!