Battlefield V Is Prioritizing Fun, Player Choice, & Diversity Over Authenticity

DICE Is Giving Players More Options in Multiplayer

The Battlefield V reveal event was met with lukewarm responses by fans of the series. You can even say there was a very ‘internet’ reaction. However, in implementing their changes to the franchise for WWII, devs explained it was part of a desire to prioritize fun for players.

Battlefield V now has customization options; which doesn’t make sense for a franchise based in realism, according to some players. Cosmetic options include war paint, prosthetics, clothing, and gender. Hence, DICE is receiving criticism for not thoroughly grounding the options in history. However, the official Battlefield V Twitter account responded to the outcry:

“We treat history with great respect, as we did before with Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 1. With that, we also wanted to empower player choice, diversity and inclusion, so our players can fully customize the way that they want their soldiers to look and play.

“Glad you liked it. The female soldier in the key art portrays an unseen and untold perspective of World War 2 that is often overlooked.”

“We will always put fun over authentic 🙂 This is what we have always done with Battlefield games,” added DICE Executive Producer Aleksander Grøndal, via his personal Twitter.

Per the devs’ mention, Battlefield V is going to dive into some unsung war stories. In doing so, the game may explore a little of what we don’t know about WWII. Whether or not that will factor heavily into multiplayer is something only time will tell. For now, judging by a few tweets by Grøndal, there are some additional changes to look forward to. To start, he teased the possibility of seeing Omaha Beach and El Alamein maps.

In related news, publisher EA revealed that there would be no loots boxes in this Battlefield installment. To read up more about Battlefield V’s changes, check out our feature article: 10 Battlefield V Features That Revolutionize World War II Shooters. Check back for future updates, especially news coming out of E3 2018.

SOURCE: Wccftech