Someone Mashed Together Street Fighter and Mario Kart

It Totally Works, Somehow

Not all hackers are working towards malicious ends. Sometimes they just want to bring something unexpected into the world. Case in point, a small group put Street Fighter characters into Super Mario Kart. The result is an adorable, totally functional ROM hack that looks like something Capcom would have released back in the early 90’s.

Street Fighter 2 Mario Kart Mashup

A YouTube channel known as NintendoDuo uploaded the video embedded below, adding that the game was played on an actual Super Nintendo system. I guess if you’re going to cobble together a game like this, it might as well be on original hardware. The ROM hack, known as Hyper Street Kart, appears to be more or less complete, coming with four different cups and eight characters.

The video goes through a single cup on the 100cc difficulty setting. There’s even powerups! Visually, everything looks very Street Fighter, though the original game’s mechanics and animations appear to have been left intact. There’s a series of other videos on their channel that cover other courses and cups in this particular ROM hack. Sadly, the unofficial/super shady nature of this experiment means that playing it for yourself will be a tricky proposition, though I’m certain an intrepid and fearless enough fan could find a way.