Stalk Monsters At Night With Moonlighter This May

They Only Come Out At Night

Looking for a more robust roguelite, one that lets control almost every facet of a monster-based economy? Well, Moonlighter will be here to offer you that power this May. Stalk monsters at night, process their bodies and sell what you craft. You’ll start a capitalist empire out of the steamy guts of slain beasts.

Moonlighter ins1 stalk monsters

You play as Will, a shopkeeper with heroic aspirations. The trailer drips with an idyllic aesthetic, the sort you could see yourself lost in for hours at a time. Will spends his whole life watching other people set out for glory, until the day comes when he too answers the call to adventure.

Of course, this is at night. Daytime is for running the shop. Gotta keep the family business going, after all. For now, there’s no telling what you’ll find delving those dungeons, but it’s safe to say the profits earned will be good for your day job. Moonlighter is set for release May 29th on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. There’s a brand new, extended trailer out, which you can check out below. I’m really digging the wistful, hero’s journey vibes at work here.

SOURCE: Press Release