Sony Has Officially Dropped the Prices on a Bunch of Badass PS4 Exclusive Titles

PS4 Exclusive Titles Now Available at All-Time Low Prices 

Sony’s latest PS4 exclusive God of War has officially launched and everyone is loving it! Well despite the fact that the world may be busy with the latest Kratos adventure, Sony has officially begun dropping the prices on a variety of past exclusives both for the PS4 and the PSVR. Which means that you can pick up some epic games for just a fraction of their original price, and not just for a limited time.

horizon zero dawn the frozen wilds top

If you’ve wanted to get your hands on titles like Until Dawn: Rush of Blood for the PSVR or Horizon Zero Dawn for the PS4 but didn’t want to shell out a bunch of your hard-earned cash, we’ve got some good news. Sony has officially begun dropping the price on these titles and so much more. So whether you wanted to pick up a couple of huge hits from last year that you’ve been missing out on, or just add some variety to your collection, now may be the perfect time to do so. And the best part? Your wallet will thank you for it.

A lot of the new prices have already popped up in the PlayStation Store, Gamestop, and Best Buy. You can check out which exclusive PS4 titles have received the permanent discounts below, the majority of which are less than $20!

  • Hidden Agenda- $9.99
  • That’s You!- $9.99
  • Singstar: Celebration- $9.99
  • Knowledge Is Power- $9.99
  • Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (PSVR)- $14.99
  • DriveClub (PSVR)- $14.99
  • Starblood (PSVR)- $14.99
  • Gran Turismo Sport – $39.99
  • Paranormal Activity (PSVR)- $14.99
  • PSVR Worlds (PSVR)- $14.99
  • Knack 2- $19.99
  • No Man’s Sky- $19.99
  • The Last Guardian- $19.99
  • Everybody’s Golf- $19.99
  • RIGS Mechanized (PSVR)- $19.99
  • Gravity Rush 2- $19.99
  • Farpoint (PSVR)- $19.99
  • Battlezone (PSVR)- $19.99
  • Eve: Valkyrie (PSVR)- $19.99
  • Nioh- $19.99
  • Wipeout: Omega Collection- $19.99
  • The Inpatient (PSVR)- $19.99
  • Psychonauts (PSVR)- $19.99
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy- $29.99
  • Shadow of the Colossus- $29.99
  • Horizon Zero Dawn- $29.99
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition- $39.99

The Inpatient

Are you planning on snagging some of these awesome games at their new prices? Let us know in the comments below and keep it locked for updates and sales!