Several Songs in GTA IV Are Going to Be Removed This Month

The Music Licenses for Some of the Game’s Songs Are Going to Expire

One of the best parts of 2008’s Grand Theft Auto IV was its excellent soundtrack. It had alot of genre variety and featured lots of popular modern artists such as Kanye West and even had songs from classic artists such as David Bowie.

Unfortunately though, several songs from GTA IV’s tracklist are going to be removed later this month due to the music licenses for those songs expiring.

According to this report from Kotaku UK, an industry source is saying that an unknown amount of songs are going to be removed from GTA IV. However, the source couldn’t provide a list of songs that’ll be removed from the game. Kotaku UK reached out to Rockstar in order to find out more information but, as of right now, they haven’t received a response.

The music licenses are set to expire on April 26th and, according to the report, PS3 owners of GTA IV will receive a special message some time before that date that prompts them to download the digital versions of the songs that are slated for removal. It is currently unknown if PC and Xbox 360 owners of the game will receive the same message.

This isn’t the first time that the Grand Theft Auto franchise has had to deal with music licenses. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas had a PC patch that removed licensed songs and the PC version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was temporarily removed due to a copyright claim for a Michael Jackson song.

What do you think about this rumored removal of licensed music in GTA IV? If you’re a PC user then are you planning on downloading any of the removed songs into an in-game playlist? If you’re a console user then are you going to digitally download the removed songs?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!


  • LostMyWay

    I suppose this is everyone but Rockstars fault.

    I can just see the R* cultists blaming everyone but the mighty R* for the fact they knowingly signed a 10 year contract, or that they could probably renew it with the change from this weeks GTAVOs Microtransactions or that it’s happened before so could be forseen if ignorance was that high it wasn’t.

    But nah… Look at that new shiny car that looks ever so slightly different to the last one in the one game they released this generation (which was actually a last gen game) Take more of my money for GTA bucks now goddammit! Because GTAs online revenue obviously has nothing to do with the fact R* haven’t released a game made for this gen yet, obviously it’s not that, they’re just “perfecting it” for “our benifit” of course. And obviously everyone hates Microtransactions that’s why we spent $1bn on them. All we want is SP DLC expansions right? Right? Wrong.

    Well.. Look where your idiocy gets you all. No DLC, no new games, just endless drip content for an online s#it show that’s entire purpose is to bleed you. And you all voted for it, with your wallets. If GTAO wasn’t making silly money still, RDR2 would just be a fading memory by now and all talk would be about GTAVI.

    Until a game stops making money there is no incentive to release a new one. RDR2 is finished, obviously. Oooo except that awesome battle royale mode I’m sure I’ll be made to pay for without wanting.

    Awesome work R*, just an exemplary business strategy. Highest grossing of the generation without releasing a game this generation. Its the most brilliant example of maximising profits I’ve ever seen.

    Its ludicrous. Stop ruining it for everyone else you dumb f**ks. Is it that hard not to buy virtual money for your game?

    Got a little off track then it’s fair to say. Oh, well… Enjoy insulting me or questioning my sanity. Then go back to swapping imaginary money for real money because thats sane and rational. Right?