Runbow’s PS4 and Switch Release Slightly Pushed Back

Just a Few More Weeks, Is All

Runbow, the Wii U party game that turns color-changing into an advanced aggression and elimination tactic, will be just a little bit longer in coming to modern consoles. Hopeful and/or curious players will have to hold on for just a bit longer before getting their hands on this frantic indie gem.

We don’t have a concrete release date at present, but it sounds like we’ll only have a few more weeks before Runbow is ready to go. This delay may apply to both the digital versions and the deluxe edition.

There’s no word on what still needs tweaking, though one would imagine that the online multiplayer for two different systems is a lot of work to get just right. If you’re not familiar with Runbow, up to nine people are sent barreling through a vivid landscape which changes depending on the dominant color currently in play. There’s Run, Arena and King of the Hill modes to choose from, as well as a bevy of characters and costumes to unlock. If you’re waiting on the deluxe edition, that one comes with all the DLC, as well as some physical loot. Like many (if not all) indie games, Runbow seems like it will be a perfect fit for the Switch.

SOURCE: Press Release