Radical Heights Teases Gnarly Playable Female Characters

New Characters Cater to the 80s Game Show Theme

In case you haven’t heard, shame on you, but Boss Key Productions recently revealed their own take on the Battle Royale genre, Radical Heights. The multiplayer game sets players in the satirical battle zone of an 80s game show. It recently hit “X-treme Early Access,” which implies that the game remains very, very unfinished. But Cliff Bleszinski and the team are adding and polishing as they go. For starters, they’re actually delivering female playable characters.

Radical Heights

In keeping with the 80s-inspired look and feel of Radical Heights, CliffyB showed us female character outfits straight out of a fitness VHS. Therefore, they’d better have some funny quotes about working those glutes once they eventually hit the game. Speaking of which, we still don’t know when female playable characters will arrive. Still, it was a matter of some controversy to see no women in the game, and the studio definitely seems to be addressing that.

Jumping off to another area of controversy, some players have criticized Radical Heights for its seemingly pay-to-win structure. Some recent changes to the Founder’s Pack demonstrate that Boss Key is listening to fan feedback. Being in “X-treme Early Access,” there are still glitches and issues to be found. In all honesty, however, players should probably expect no less. The studio is being pretty transparent about the state of the game, for the most part, so problems should be expected, going in. Over time, the 80s-inspired Battle Royale shooter should come into its own with improvements. Stay tuned for updates.

Happy gaming.

SOURCE: GameRant