Pokemon GO Implements Questlines for Legendary Rewards

The First Narrative Hits the Popular Mobile Game

Up until now, Pokemon GO was something of a real-world sandbox, thanks to the lack of RPG elements. It looks like players can now look forward to quests, however. New questlines implemented by Niantic shall give players unique opportunities to capture Legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon Go

Staring with the new Field Research Quests, players must complete 7-days worth of field research to earn a special reward. Over the course of the quest, however, the challenges shall provide their own rewards. Alongside a collection of useful items, players shall gain a crack at Legendary Pokemon Moltres. Before reaching this spitfire bird, it is recommended to have plenty of Pokeballs. While the Pokemon will not run away from you, it has the same catch rate as a raid battle boss. Taking Moltres’s IV and CP into consideration, it’s worth all the balls you can throw.

Additionally, Pokemon GO now has a Special Research Quest. There are 8 stages of this quest, which delivers an end prize in the form of Mew. Challenges can be difficult to complete, however, and they run the gambit from hatching a Pokemon to taking part in a raid. Fortunately, the rewards get incrementally better, and players you ample amounts of XP. Last but not least, you earn access to no.150: Mew. The quest is delivered by professor Willow, who adds a little exposition on why you’re searching for Mew. For players who’ve sought a little bit of narrative in their journey to becoming a Pokemon master, this new update could be a start.

Stay tuned for more updates as we Pokemon GO. Previously, the platform hosted a special in-game promotion for Earth Day, so keep a look out for more such events.