Noir Survival Horror Adventure The Piano Coming to Steam

The Survival Horror Mystery, Not The Instrument

In a world overrun with horror games, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. That’s why The Piano is bringing a little bit of heart to the table. Here’s a survival horror mystery that wants you to feel things besides abject terror. Things like sorrow and regret, for example.

The Piano

You play a failed pianist attempting to discover the truth about your brothers’ deaths. Set in Paris after the second world war, The Piano hopes to blend noir mystery elements with psychological horror in order to scare you in a more cerebral fashion. After all, aren’t these fearful moments more powerful when you’re emotionally invested in the story?

Unlike many other horror games that explore mental illness and fractured psyches as a major theme, this game looks to tackle this subject with a bit more gravity. Whether or not they’ll succeed is something we’ll discover in time. The Piano is set for release on Steam on May 24th. Until then, check out the newest trailer, embedded below. If nothing else,. it looks like they’ve got certain spooky elements nailed down. Hopefully the weightier side of this subject is addressed with similar success.

SOURCE: Press Release