New Update for Pokémon Duel Adds New Legendary

Pokémon Duel Update Boasts Many Brand New Additions

Mobile strategy game Pokémon Duel is now updated with the ability for Pokémon to change forms, new Legendary Pokémon including Kyurem, and many other additions. The app is available for free on the App Store, Amazon Appstore for Android, and on Google Play.

pokémon duel update

Some of the title’s new features include:

    • The ability for Pokémon to change forms: With this update, some Pokémon will now be able to change their forms during battle. Players can also obtain rare items and a 6-pack Booster ticket with a guaranteed [EX] or higher rarity figure for logging in. These log-in bonuses will be available only for a limited time.
    • New Legendaries: As part of Duel’s legendary year, the Legendary Pokémon Kyurem is now available. Both Black Kyurem and White Kyurem, which draw their power from the Legendary Pokémon Reshiram and Zekrom, are Kyurem’s alternate forms and are also available with this update. Trainers will also need the new DNA Splicers plate to help Kyurem change its form. All three Pokémon are available in the April 2018 Recommended Booster A and the April 2018 Booster 10-pack A.
    • A new social feature: A new social feature introduces the ability to follow other players and track their progress in-game. Pokémon Duel fans can receive special items if they follow enough players and can earn extra items if enough players follow them back.

  • Tournaments: Players should take note of the strongest decks they see being used by their friends because they’ll need to be on top of their game with the upcoming tournament feature. A pre-tournament will be held soon to preview this long-awaited feature. Future tournaments will be held in various formats, so players should make sure to build a wide collection of Pokémon figures and plates.

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Source: Press Release