Minecraft for Nintendo Switch Will Soon Include Xbox Live Achievements

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The Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft will soon bring Xbox Live achievements to the hybrid console, as part of an upcoming update for the game.

Courtesy of True Achievements, a set of Xbox Live achievements for Minecraft for Nintendo Switch have been discovered. There are listings for 79 achievements that total a Gamerscore of 1,750 for the Switch edition. The achievement list appears to be similar to other versions of the game including Xbox One, Windows 10, iOS and Android. Currently, these achievements are nowhere to found on the Switch version but will mostly appear in a future update.

Just in case you weren’t entirely convinced, Polygon was able to obtain confirmation from a representative for Minecraft. “We can confirm that Minecraft players on Nintendo Switch will soon be able to earn achievements tied to Xbox Live once the Bedrock update is released,” the spokesperson said in an email.

Minecraft: Wii U

The Bedrock update helped to unify the Xbox One, Windows 10, mobile, and VR versions together. The Nintendo Switch version was announced as one of the original platforms to receive the Bedrock update but, for reasons unknown, has yet to do so.

The arrival of Xbox Live achievements on a rival system certainly comes as a bit of a surprise. PlayStation versions of Minecraft, for instance, do not have integrated Xbox Achievements (and why would they when they can add trophy support instead?). It appears that Microsoft and Nintendo have come to an agreement since the Switch doesn’t have a built-in Achievement/Trophy system already.

Cross-platform relationships in games seem to be appearing more frequently these days. However, Sony continues to be less enthused about the idea.

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