LawBreakers Team Teases New Project With Weird Retro Games

A Series of Retro-Inspired Video Games May Clue Us Into the Next IP

For a long time, the team over at Boss Key Productions supported LawBreakers only to witness its downward spiral. While they’ll continue to support it, as revealed in their latest statement, the game has all but been in abandoned in favor of a new project. What is this new project, you ask? I have no idea, but a series of new tweets are teasing something interesting in the works.


I say interesting, but what I really mean is weird. It all started with Boss Key’s first tweet of what looks like a retro game, and it is called Double Dudes 2, followed by the tagline: “Quadruple the Dudes.” As you probably guessed, the cover shows a bunch of dudes, and they’re waring Rambo-style bandanas on their rocking mullets. There’s even a full-blown cover description.

Of course, no one knew what was going on when Boss Key tweeted the image. A google search of Double Dudes 2 will yield you nothing. Then, the devs tweeted yet another image for a game called The Next to Last Starfighter. Like the previous image, it comes with a hilarious description, and it serves an amusing callback to the classic film.

Last but not least, there’s a retro game called Sweat N Bullets. Its tagline is, “Gameplay so real you’ll be sweating bullets.” Again, there seems to be no sense to this cover, but it could be a clue pertaining to the developer’s next project.

So, how are these images related to Boss Key’s next project? I don’t know. But I would pay particular attention to the taglines, which my hunch tells me will have something to do with the next game’s gameplay. Alternatively, you can read the description of each fake IP and probably find a more explicit clue about what the next project will be. Whatever the case, it seems all images together form one big hint. Perhaps there will be more tweets? We’ll just have to wait and see. Feel free to comment your thoughts on the cryptic covers below.