Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Shifts 50K Xbox One Copies in 4 Days

Ninja Theory’s Innovative Take on Mental Health Reaches Xbox

Less than a week after its release, Ninja Theory has managed to sell over 50,000 units of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. As such, the UK developer will stick to their guns and donate a minimum of $25,000 to Mental Health America.

Last week, Ninja Theory promised a hefty donation to a mental health cause, the sum of which is contingent on the amount of Hellblade copies sold. With the title now available for Xbox One, the launch has provided another opportunity to give back. But the $25,000 sum may expand further if the game’s sales numbers increase. If sales maintain the track of Ninja Theory’s data, provided below, then we shall see a $50,000 donation.

Last October, we witnessed a similar situation when the developer donated a full day’s worth of sales to Rethink Mental Illness. Somehow, the game’s narrative managed to interweave Celtic mythology with the nuance of schizophrenia. And because of that brilliant melding of myth and relevant subject matter in an engaging experience, Hellblade recently won numerous BAFTA awards. Xbox One players can now experience the narrative for themselves.

If you’ve been planning to purchase Hellblade on the Xbox One, a purchase within the next 24 hours will go toward helping Mental Health America. Additionally, it’s worth noting the benefits of playing the game on an Xbox One X. Previously confirmed, the game will be playable in 4K and include HDR. We’re also looking at better visual qualities and FX alongside a 60 FPS mode.

Happy gaming.