God of War Has Become the Best-Reviewed Game on the PlayStation 4

Sony Santa Monica Have Outdone Themselves and Everyone Else, Apparently

Very quickly after the review embargo was lifted, social media and your favorite outlets published their explicit thoughts on the new God of War. Everything points to a resounding success on the part of Sony Santa Monica. But the aggregated reviews on Open Critic and Metacritic may say more; God of War looks more like the studio’s magnum opus.

So far, PS4 exclusive God of War is the best-reviewed game of 2018. At the time of this writing, it boasts a 95 on Metacritic and a 95 on OpenCritic, appearing in OpenCritic’s top 0.1% of all reviewed titles. The only PS4  games to beat God of War’s score are The Last of Us Remastered (95) and Grand Theft Auto V (97), both of which are improved re-releases. Technically speaking, God of War is the best-reviewed PS4 title built for this generation. Considering the slew of great PS4 exclusives we’ve seen thus far, this is a testament to the developer’s prowess. Outside of that, only Nintendo can tout the best titles with both Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey sitting on 97s.

Other critically acclaimed PS4 games include Uncharted 4 (93), Persona 5 (93), Bloodborne (92), and Horizon: Zero Dawn (89). Yet Sony isn’t done this generation, with more highly anticipated titles coming in the form of Spider-Man and The Last of Us Part 2. Time will tell if Sony can match such acclaim after God of War launches on April 20th. Since embargos have lifted, our review is available for your perusal. Find out about why Patrick Anderson thinks “God of War isn’t just a great God of War game, it’s the best so far.”

For a perfect world, we have but to wait for Microsoft to announce new exclusive titles. Thus far, their best-reviewed exclusives are Forza Horizon 3 (91) and Ori and the Blind Forest (88). Perhaps it’s not too late for the Xbox One to exceed expectations? Stay tuned for updates.

Happy gaming.