Epic Games Is Making a Ton of Money Each and Every Day from Fortnite on iOS

Epic Games Is Making Bank with Fortnite on iOS DevicesĀ 

Up until just a few days ago, the mobile version of Fortnite was only available to iOS moblie users lucky enough to receive an invite to the game. Now however, following Epic Game’s decision to allow all iOS users to play the game, it’s popularity has skyrocketed, earning the company an insane amount of money each and every day from users spending money in the item shop.


According to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, data is showing that the opening of Fortnite mobile to all iOS users resulted in a three times or 197 percent increase to player expenditure on April 2nd. On the day that it was made available to everyone, Epic Games earned more than $1.8 million! Comparatively the previous days saw Epic Games earning an average of $620,000.

Now if you’re thinking that players have somehow started to spend less money on Fortnite mobile, you might be surprised. In fact, over the past seven days the spending for Fortnite is at $6.4 million. Thankfully Sensor Tower has provided a nice breakdown of what other games have earned over the same period of time in the U.S., just to put it into context. Candy Crush earned $5.8 million, while Clash of Clans earned $4.1 million, and Pokemon Go earned $2.7 million. You can check out the data below.

fortnite mobile revenue

If it wasn’t obvious before, Fortnite is taking the world by storm. In addition to these insane amount of daily earnings on iOS mobile devices alone, the hugely popular title has already surpassed $15 million in mobile revenue alone and it’s only be out since March 15th! It will be interesting to see what the sales and revenue numbers will look like when the mobile version of Fortnite launches on Android devices as well.

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