Disgruntled Girlfriends Claim Fortnite Is Ruining Relationships

Fortnite Sure Is Causing Trouble for Some People

Although Fortnite is a massive success, its popularity has caused some problems. First teachers came forward about the game distracting kids in school (so much that the game warns against playing in class), and now there’s a social media outcry from women claiming that the game is distracting their significant others. In fact, disgruntled women are even pushing a petition calling for a Fortnite ban.

Fortnite Survive the Storm

The signatures are at round 600 and steadily climbing towards the goal of 1000.

Here’s what it says:

“Girls have to deal with their boyfriends playing It all day and ignoring them. Together we can stop this dumb game from existing. It’s taking over our boyfriends lives and brainwashing them.”

It looks like there are plenty of women out there that aren’t happy with game, some with pretty strong stances.

“Our crushes, significant others, and/or siblings have been corrupted by this game,” one petitioner wrote. “Where is the attention we deserve? Where is that text back? You thought they were listening to your story this whole time? NOPE! They were focused on Fortnite. All we want is our loved ones back, the attention we deserve, that text back. Is that too much to ask for? I THINK NOT.”

While some of the comments sound semi-serious, it’s hard to take the petition too seriously. And there’s definitely no chance that it will actually lead to a Fortnite ban. After all, the game already has more monthly active users than GTA Online, which launched in 2013.

But all of the backlash could cause problems in the future. The National Crime Agency (NCA) is even warning that the game could put children at risk from online pedophiles.

“Fortnite is immensely popular with children and teenagers across the country,” said an NCA spokesperson. “It features voice and text chat which cannot be turned off, so it’s important that parents and teachers understand that risks broader risks associated with the game and enable safe playing.”

As of now, its popularity doesn’t seem to be dying down one bit.