Classic Sega Titles Coming to the Switch

One More Way to Play Sonic the Hedgehog

Yesterday I told you that Sega is bringing their own version of the Mini classic console to market later this year. Now, we find out that they’re also releasing a bunch of classic Sega titles on the Nintendo Switch. We don’t have the full list yet, but isn’t this something that Nintendo should have done like, a year ago?

Phantasy Star Classic Sega titles Nintendo Switch

So far we know that Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star and Thunder Force IV are coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop. In total, there will be fifteen titles announced. We don’t have any release dates, but this once again begs the question: why not you too, Nintendo?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always down for yet another way to play some classic Sega games. But getting this list of retro titles in conjunction with a Mega Drive/Genesis Mini just makes me want the same thing from Mario and crew. Maybe those of us who couldn’t grab a NES/SNES Classic would like a similar selection of titles on the Nintendo Switch? I mean, clearly it’s possible. I’ll be following this Sega Ages (the branding for all these forthcoming classic games) thing like a bloodhound, so expect more news on it as I discover it.