Xbox One Spring Update: What to Expect

The Xbox One Spring Update Includes Numerous Additions

Xbox One users will get a host of new features thanks to the system’s spring update. The most notable is support for the variable fehresh rate on FreeSync displays, which will be available on the Xbox One S and Xbox One X. For those with such displays, their refresh rates will synchronize with the Xbox One, allowing for a smoother viewing experience with no screen tearing or stuttering.

Xbox Design Lab

AMD’s Rober Hallock explain’s FreeSynch’s position in the current market:

“FreeSync is in an excellent position in the market. In 3 months, the technology has grown from three supporting monitors to over 50 supporting monitors. We got LCD Overdrive working within 30 days of launch. We have multiple partners that reach down to 30Hz to cover the full range of playable framerates. We have Low Framerate Compensation, which for nearly 20 FreeSync monitors can sustain smooth gameplay down to around 25 FPS. There are 4K FreeSync monitors, ultrawide FreeSync monitors, 1440p FreeSync monitors, 1080p FreeSync monitors. And many reviewers have noted that the average FreeSync display costs less than the average G-SYNC display.”

In addition the FreeSynch support, the Xbox One spring update includes “Share to Twitter” and Mixer streaming features. The first will allow users to share screenshots and gameplay clips directly to Twitter. The second will give you the ability to share your controller with viewers when streaming on Mixer. Anytime a Mixer viewer shares their controller, PC viewers can take control using either their physical controller or a virtual on-screen one.

Microsoft Edge browsers will also be getting an update to make it looks more similar to Windows 10 in design and operation.

Finally, later this users will have an Auto Latency Mode for their Xbox One. With a supported TV, the mode will automatically switch to a low-latency mode at the start of your game.