The Hunky ‘Maul Cosplay’ is Incredibly Awesome and His Cosplay is Eye Popping

The Cosplay of Ben Schamma AKA Maul Cosplay

While each week we like to take the time to appreciate our sexy babes of cosplay, this week we wanted to switch it up a bit. We’re spicing it up with handsome cosplayer Ben Schamma, also known as Maul Cosplay. Based in Germany, Ben has been in the cosplay scene for around 19 years now but that’s not all he’s known for. He has made appearances in a few TV series as an actor but is also known as a stunt artist with incredible skill. What can’t this man do! Let’s take a moment to appreciate the work Ben has done.

Maul Cosplay

Oops, sorry Maul, we let the cat out of the bag!

Maul Cosplay

King Noctis will bring back the light and steal your girl at the same time.

Maul Cosplay

Commander Shepard, reporting for duty!

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