Tanks DLC Coming to Arma 3 in April

The Military Simulator Is Getting Even More Tanks!

Bohemia Interactive, the developers of the military simulator Arma 3announced on Thursday that their upcoming Tanks DLC is coming out on April 11th and will cost $11.99 on Steam. They also uploaded a developer diary about the DLC today. You can view it below!

The DLC comes with three new tanks and two campaigns that involve them. In “Altis Requiem”, you play as an tank commander in three singleplayer levels. The campaign also has several different endings that players can get depending on their playstyle. In the second campaign, you play as a NATO crewman on a tank destroyer that has to accomplish several objectives.

“With Tanks DLC, we didn’t just want to expand our current lineup of vehicles but we also wanted to provide more options to fight with or against armored vehicles,” said Vojtech Kovaric, the Project Lead of Arma 3, in the video. “This means we’ll be adding new armored vehicles but also new anti-tank weapons, munitions and targeting methods.”

“On top of that, we wanted to create a more immersive experience,” he continued. “We wanted players to experience what it feels like to be locked up in such a cramped metal container and how it feels to ride such a loud 50 ton metal beast with such explosive kind of firepower.”

The DLC will also be released alongside a free major update for Arma 3 that adds several new features for armored vehicles such as fully-modeled 3D interiors, more targeting options, new vehicle variants, new features for the mission editor, a competitive multiplayer mode for the armored vehicles and more.

This DLC has been described as the end of the “current developmental road map” of Arma 3 and represents the “culmination” of the four years of support that Bohemia Interactive has spent supporting the game with DLC, according to one of the developers in the video.

So Arma fans, are you planning on getting this DLC next month? Let us know in the comments section!