Tactical RPG Meets Fighting Game in ‘City of the Shroud’

Choose Your Faction and Shape the Story Chapters Before They Arrive

Today, developer Abyssal Arts is proud to present City of the Shroud. Here’s a top-down RPG that marries real-time combat with tactical gameplay, and it’s coming to PC this Summer.

If you’re looking for fun gameplay, then you need not look any further. What City of the Shroud does is it literally reinvents the wheel. A unique radial menu lets players take control of original characters in real-time combat. Whatever happens next is up to you as you chain-link combos and explore diverse move sets. But the real-time aspect keeps you engaged making split-second decisions and exercising your mind. In that way, the IP takes on elements of a fighting game. Certainly, it helps that the game utilizes a fun 3-D art style. To make the experience more engaging, however, there’s a non-linear story.

I wasn’t lying when I said City of the Shroud is an RPG. Players have the ability to choose between factions and embark on different journeys. Here’s where things get weird; the decisions you make impact successive chapters before they’re even developed, which makes for a hell of an interesting RPG. The actions of players will change the events others witness as narrative updates are implemented. That is to say, there’s no telling what twists and turns you’ll discover in City of the Shroud.

The peninsular city of Iskendrun is on the brink of civil war. The nobility control the government, but are losing their grasp on the people. Five leaders vie for control of the city, and the tension will soon reach a breaking point. Amongst this unrest, hostile creatures masquerading as humans have started appearing throughout Iskendrun.

When City of the Shroud releases this Summer, it will include online PvP. As such, players will be able to test their crafted combos on others. Furthermore, after release, anyone who owns the game shall receive free updates that expand upon the narrative. Just like I mentioned, your decisions will shape the story the developer crafts next. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ports are expected to arrive in 2019, so stay tuned for updates on Abyssal Arts as time goes by.

Happy gaming.

SOURCE: Press Release