Super Bomberman R Might Be Getting a PS4 Port Soon

Is Super Bomberman R Making the Switch to PS4?

One of the more divisive Nintendo¬†Switch launch titles was Super Bomberman R. It wasn’t terrible, but it didn’t really move the needle for the series. It seemed to satisfy the group of fans that wanted a more traditional and old-school Bomberman game, while some were expecting a new revival of sorts. It has, however, been improved upon since its release a year ago with lots of new additional content and performance upgrades. In short, it’s a more complete game in its present state than it was at launch.

super bomberman r gameplay

The good news, if a listing on the Korean rating board website is to be believed, is that Super Bomberman R might be breaking free from its Nintendo Switch chains and coming to PS4.

There really isn’t much else to go on, but seeing the game jump from the Switch to the PS4 seems pretty likely. In fact, it’s possible other ports are being planned as well for Xbox One and PC. While an official announcement has yet to be made, don’t be surprised if Konami drops a trailer in the coming months.

While you wait, you can always read our original launch review for the Switch version. It’s worth mentioning that the game has been updated quite a bit since its release and is arguably a better game now.

Here’s what we said about the game:

“Overall, Super Bomberman R is a Bomberman game through and through. Although the game features the classic Bomberman gameplay, an overall lack of innovation and previously developed customization makes the formula feel stale. Although the Story Mode was an enjoyable venture, the lack of depth and development of some otherwise likeable characters leaves much to be desired. Lastly, having to earn coins to purchase levels and character customization items makes the game unnecessarily feel like a free-to-play title. With this supposed return and rebirth of a beloved franchise, I hope to see Konami build upon the positives of this title and we see not just a return, but a redemption the next time around.”

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