Press X To Podcast: Episode 12 – It’s Always Better When You’re Lubed Up

COGconnected Presents Press X To Podcast – Episode 12

Since the last time you listened to Press X, you could have watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy 14 times. Assuming you didn’t and you’re feeling bright, chipper, and refreshed, its time once again for your very favorite show: Press X To Podcast. Join Paul Sullivan, Shawn Petraschuk, and Trevor Houston as they discuss the great wide world of all things gaming. This week the guys talk in depth about Rare’s Sea of Thieves – how is it beyond launch? What does Rare have planned for it in the future? Why are people raging about paying gold when they die? Shawn goes off on entitled gamers who don’t appreciate the value of a dollar, and Trevor is left to the sidelines as Paul and Shawn talk their experience with Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 hands on.

The guys also talk about Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice coming to Xbox One, job postings suggesting a potential open world Star Wars game, and Atari seems to have a new console on the way. They also discuss franchises trying not to be stale with yearly releases, and the hard work and value that goes into each and every one of COGconnected’s written reviews. All this, plus this weeks Press X Perfect List, await you below with just a click. So sit back and enjoy Press X To Podcast: Episode 12 – It’s Always Better When You’re Lubed Up.

And there you have it, another Press X To Podcast is all said and done! Before our usual sign off, lets check in with the Perfect Tally:

The Perfect Tally This Week: 66

The Perfect Tally So Far: 89

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