PSN Flash Sale & Call of Duty Sale Going on Right Now

PSN Deals for March 9th, 2018

Now that we’re in March, Sony is back with their usual discount treatment across the PlayStation Store. Starting today, PS4, PS3, and PS Vita users can take advantage of a PSN Flash Sale for great games old and new.

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The top deal this time around is for Dark Souls III Deluxe Edition, which costs $25.49.This will be the best deal on a Dark Souls game until the remastered game arrives. While we’re on the subject of trilogies, Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection is $19.99. Just about every Assassin’s Creed Game is on sale and cheaper than $20. Then we have sci-fi games like Elite Dangerous for $11.99; The Uncharted Collection is $7.99; and, certainly not least, we have a zombie game, Dying Light: The Following for $14.99. Simply click here to get started on PlayStation 4 deals.

If you’re looking for that handheld fun, PS Vita has Hotline Miami for $3.99. Better yet, there’s Dead Island for $5.99. Not satisfied? How about Diablo 3 for $11.99. There’s a game and a discount for everyone. Furthermore, the same games available for the PlayStation Vita are available on the PlayStation 3. No matter what system you own, if it’s a Sony system, you’re golden. You can find the list of PlayStation Vita deals here and the PlayStation 3 deals here. You have until the end of the weekend to take advantage of the March PSN Flash Sale.

Of course, we can’t neglect to mention the Call of Duty Sale going on right now. Every Modern Warfare is available on the PlayStation 3, just like every game that released this generation is also available on the PlayStation 4. Advanced Warfare, Black Ops III, and Infinite Warfare are available at major discounts. Check the link to reach the Call of Duty page. You have until March 13th. Be sure to bookmark us for additional gaming news and deals as they come. Until then,

Happy shopping.