NieR Automata Celebrates First Birthday By Slashing Its Price in Half

NieR Automata Is Now 50% Off on PS4 and Steam!

NieR Automata — PlatinumGames’ wickedly awesome post-apocalyptic action-RPG — is celebrating its first birthday in a big way. Instead of us telling you all about it, we’ll let Game Director Yoko Taro tell you in a perfectly normal way.

Okay, then.

So yeah, March 7th marked NieR Automata’s first anniversary and it sounds like Square Enix is planning a fan event really soon. But more importantly, the game’s price is currently discounted by 50% on both PS4 and Steam. Now is the perfect time to jump in and find out why so many people loved 2B’s action-packed adventure. The sale will end on March 14th on Steam and March 20th on the PlayStation Network.

NieR Automata has shipped over 2 million units across PS4 and Steam since its launch last year. It earned very high praise from a number of media outlets (including us) and received lots of awards during award season. It’s also been recognized for its storyline which requires multiple playthroughs — which is slightly different each time — to fully grasp its narrative.

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It comes highly recommended by COGconnected. Here’s a slice of what we said in our launch review a year ago:

“Even if you haven’t touched Darkengard or NieR in the past, I can’t recommend NieR: Automata enough. It’s such an interesting meld of open RPG, twitch action, platformer, bullet hell shooter that shouldn’t be ignored by anyone. In the slew of amazing games this spring release season, it’s easy to forget about this gem because it’s a sequel. Don’t let that happen to you.”

Give it a spin and tell us what you think in the comments below.

SOURCE: Press Release