Aussie Cosplayer Nichameleon is Super Cute and Her Body Paint Cosplay is Amazing

The Cosplay of Nichameleon

Each week, we like to showcase some of the world’s best cosplayers. Last week we showcased Vera Bambi, a bombshell from Ontario, Canada. This week we’re moving on to the lovely Nichameleon, AKA nic_the_pixie! She’s only been doing this for a few years now but Nichameleon is quickly catching the interest of people in Australia and around the globe. Nic, a self-proclaimed dork from the southern hemisphere, has been stepping her game up recently and almost reached her Patreon goal, gaining more support with each photo shoot. She’s sweet, she’s hot, and she’s looking pretty damn good dressed as some of your favorite characters from any type of media.

Nichameleon Riverdale

Riverdale needs some more cheer

Nichameleon Elf

Fantastic job on the ears and flower crown

Nichameleon Featured

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