The Last of Us II Is A “Fantastic Story,” Says Actor Troy Baker

Naughty Dog Just Completed a Playtest of The Last of Us II

While we’re still a ways off from the release, news about The Last of Us II is always uplifting. Naughty Dog is hard at work developing the game and, apparently, playtesting it. Two of our favorite voice actors were present at MCM Comic Con in Birmingham to talk about it and the studio.

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At a recent panel at the convention, Troy Baker and Nolan North (Joel and David in The Last of Us) talked about the current progress of the sequel. They brought in some information about performance capture and Naughty Dog’s philosophy around creating video games. More concretely, Baker mentioned a recent playtest of the game.

According to Baker, the game does seem to be in a playable state. Better yet, the story looks “fantastic,” he says. Since he is the star character in the thick of things, with full access to the script, we can probably take his words at face value. Here’s what he said at the panel:

“Niel {Druckmann] writes honestly. He asks us to perform honestly, and, ultimately, all we want to do is make a game that we want to play. If we can do that, then I think everyone is going to be happy about it. So far, it’s a fantastic story, man—it’s a fantastic game. We just finished a playtest – It’s looking awesome.”

Check back for updates from Naughty Dog as time goes by. Since The Last of Us II is in a playable state, it’s easy to imagine that we’ll see the playable portions at E3 2018.