Monster Hunter World May Be Receiving a New Weapon

A New Capcom Tease Comes via Social Media

Monster Hunter World, a game you can play for hours and hours and hours and still find surprises. Here’s a surprise for you; the game may be receiving its 15th weapon, at least if the latest tease is any indication.

Capcom took to Twitter today to deliver a fairly innocent post showing new Monster Hunter World key chains. In addition to the 14 weapons you’ll find in the game, however, there’s a mystery keychain. And just like that, we have reason to speculate there will be a new weapon added to the game. Not only is Capcom bringing us awesome keychains, but they’re also delivering extra DLC, presumably at no extra cost. The world just gets better and better.

If you have played Monster Hunter World, you’d know that every single weapon in the game is wholly unique. Not only do they come with their own special move sets, but they come with elaborate upgrade trees that allow players to build the damaging design of their choice. If Capcom really is bringing a new weapon to Monster Hunter World, it will be very interesting to see what kind of beast slayer they come up with. Stay tuned for confirmation.

Look forward to more content updates from Capcom as time goes by. Until then and beyond,

Happy gaming.

SOURCE: GamenGuides