The Kickstarter Campaign for The Good Life Launches

Swery65’s Latest Game Needs over $640,000 by May 4th

(3/26/2018) Author’s note: The title of this article was originally “The Kickstarter Campaign for The Good Life Is Back” which was inaccurate since The Good Life was fundraising on Fig first not Kickstarter. The headline & lede have been changed for accuracy.

The Good Life, the latest game being developed by Hidetaka Suehiro (also known as “Swery65”), launched its Kickstarter campaign on Monday. The previous fundraising campaign had failed after it couldn’t meet its funding goal. A new trailer was uploaded for the Kickstarter as well. Check it out below!

This Kickstarter campaign has a funding goal of approximately $647,910 and the campaign has to meet that goal by May 4th at 8 PM EDT.

“I will do my best till the end of campaign. Please keep your passion,” tweeted Suehiro about the Kickstarter.

Described as a “daily life action-adventure game”, The Good Life is about Naomi, a journalist from New York City that has to move to a small rural British town named “Rainy Woods” in order to pay off a huge debt of money. Naomi has to take pictures and report on the local events that are happening in Rainy Woods in order to pay her debt and can also take photography jobs to make money.

However, things are as simple as they may seem after one of the townsfolk is mysteriously murdered. Also, the residents of Rainy Woods and Naomi turn into cats and dogs at night once a month for…some reason?

Yeah, we don’t get it either

The player’s actions have a significant impact on the both the town and its residents, according to the game’s description on Kickstarter. “How the townspeople behave, how their lives play out, and how the story ends… It’ll all change based on your decisions,” the description reads. Notably, The Good Life also has online multiplayer.

The Good Life is currently slated for a Q3 2019 release date and is planned to be developed for the PC and PS4. It’ll cost $29 on PC and $39 on PS4.